Five Effective Tips For Buying a Smartwatch

Five Effective Tips For Buying a Smartwatch

Smartwatches are getting popular day by day. Be it the fitness features or health-related features or just a style statement, buyers a looking at smartwatches more than ever before. Having said that, buying a smartwatch is a bit tricky as there are several aspects to consider before you slash the cash here I have to tell you what factors you need to keep in mind before Buying a Smartwatch.

Phone compatibility and the OS (Operating System) it runs on:

The first thing you should have to check is whether the smartwatch you want to buy is compatible with your existing smartphone or not. If you have an android phone and are thinking of buying an apple watch then that’s a no-go. The apple watch only works with iPhone, not with android phone. Apple watch runs watch OS and the Samsung galaxy smartwatches run Tizen OS. Google’s wear OS can be found in watches from Fossil, LG, and others. Fitbit smartwatches are also compatible with android phones as well as the iPhone. 

The display is important, so is the price:

With brands like Realme and Oppo throwing their name in the smartwatches fray, users have more options than earlier. The display is a major factor in smartwatch buying decisions. OLED displays are provided in apple watches and as well as the Samsung watch. Realme watch has an LCD screen while Oppo offers an AMOLED screen. Choosing a display comes down to the budget you have for buying a smartwatch.

Buying a smartwatch high on fitness, health-related, and other features:

A smartwatch is a handy device to keep track of your fitness and health that’s why these features should be on the top of your list. Buy a watch with heart rate monitoring to keep a clear track of your heart’s health. A GPS is also must for a better tracking if you are into activities like cycling, hiking, and others. Apple Watch as well as the certain models from Fitbits female cycling tracking as well.

Sleep tracking is another feature that every buyer wants in it. Smartwatch is a small device but it has thousands of apps design for it. You can find sports apps, Uber, WhatsApp customized for smartwatches. Apple Watch has a lot of apps and Samsung with its Tizen OS seems to be catching up. Even google wears has many apps that are optimized for smartwatches. Buying a smartwatch that offers support for all the apps that you use the most.

Battery life:

A smartwatch’s battery is also an important factor to consider before buying one. Compared to fitness bands, smartwatch batteries don’t last long. For instance, the apple watch will give you a maximum of 18 hours on a single charge. Samsung galaxy watch series is a few hours more than the apple watch. Think about what will be your primary use of the watch and the amount of battery it might consume, then decide which one is suits you more.


As in the case with most products, the budget and the price tag are the deal-breaker. The Realme watch is a good entry-level. If you are looking for a mid-range watch then Fitbit, Fossil have good options there. When it comes to premium watches, then the apple watches series 5 up there. Samsung galaxy watch series also has competitive features and priced less than the apple watch.


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