Wedding Gold Necklaces For Indian Brides


Every Indian bride wants must be a princess on her wedding day with their wedding gold jewelry and dress. And everyone knows the Indian bride’s wedding jewelry is confusing. If you are well versed with the basic Indian solah shringar, you are from one of the lucky brides lists who actually know their jewelry basic. If we talk about Indian solah shringar, one is the haar, the wedding gold necklaces for Indian brides.

There are probably more than ten different styles(and types) of wedding gold necklaces for Indian brides available in the market. But do not worry if you find this one confusing when choosing wedding gold necklaces. Once you are through this post article, you will not only know about all types of wedding gold necklaces for Indian brides. And you would also see the famous, most unique, beautiful gold necklaces design options for each.

First Understand Your Neckline:

Some women have a delicate and narrow neckline, while some have a prominent and broad one. An understanding of your neckline is essential when choosing bridal Jewellery. Example: A bib necklace might not be perfect and comfortable for someone with a slight neckline. It would overshadow other Jewelry objects and give a clumsy appearance. Broad, small, narrow or Stiletto necks, one have to note this and then start exploring gold bridal Jewelry. As a result, compare your neckline before you bring wedding gold necklaces for the Indian brides’ home.

Color Of Your Wedding Jewelry:

Suppose you study some South Indian bridal gold Jewelry that comes in different shades of deep brownish tinge, yellow and so on. These are not anything but the result of different kinds of quality and workmanship. It is a clever thought to match the tone of your Jewelry with your wedding saree(dress) or wedding lehenga. In this manner, you ensure there is uniformity, and you are bound to seem(look) gorgeous in every way.

Understand Your Wedding Fabric:

Since the Indian wedding dress(garments) consist of heavy work like Zardosi. For a reason, the wedding ceremony fabric(dress) is decided nicely. It would not take a reasonable effort to check the dress, design and fabric and match it with your bridal gold Jewelry(especially gold necklace). Care should be taken to look at the indin bridal gold Jewelry designs from all corners for sharp edges or open strings so that they do not create a rouble while carrying them with the aid of getting stuck to the get dressed or creating a peel-off on the wedding fabric design so on.

Long Rani Haar:

These are long necklaces in style and can be either single-stringed or multi-stringed. The wedding necklaces’ length for Indian brides gives the whole wedding attire a royal feel. Rani haar necklace has been a popular fashion style with Indian brides for a long time. It is usually layered with other necklaces such as Collar necklaces and Chokers necklaces to make it seem more elegant.

Tips for rain haar: 

  • Due to the length of Rani haar, pair it with a V-neck blouse.
  • When layered, it with a Choker looks best.
  • It makes sense to wear just a rain haar necklace when the bride’s blouse is plain.

Choker Style Necklaces:

If you are looking for famous wedding gold necklaces for Indian brides, then the Choker has been most famous not in India but also in the Western world in the last two years. It is a style that fits the bride’s neck. A Choker might be a single band or something more outstanding, with pearls or Kundan(pure) hanging from it. The catchy thing is that it goes well with gowns and a saree. It gives a modern and traditional look and can add wonders to your trousseau bridal package(kit).

Tips for Choker necklaces:

  • Pair it with a V-neckline or a strapless blouse.
  • A pearl Choker or an evergreen looks excellent for an Indian bride’s Mehendi function.
  • Choke jewelry layered with other necklaces in lehengas and western gowns look excellent.

Aadh Necklaces:

Aadh necklaces start with a Choker, typically a block of pure gold with enamel or Meenakari work at the back o necklace. It ends with strings of triangles. This gives it a traditional look which you can see on Indian Rajasthani brides. This covers almost the bride’s whole neckline area, making it good-looking in nature.

Tips for Aadh necklaces:

  • It looks best with a square-style neckline, and you have to keep the neckline low.
  • It is a traditional style, so it makes sense for Indian brides to keep all the accessories reasonably traditional.

Satlada Necklaces:

A Satlada haar could be called a kind of Rani haar, has seven layers of precious gemstones or pearls. It has a pretty trend among Indian brides these days. Indian brides who are looking(planning) to wear only one gold necklace on their wedding day should surely go for this beautiful and unique style necklace. It has two smaller versions, such as a 5-layers necklace called Panchlada or 3-layer necklace called Teenlada.

Tips for Satlada necklaces:

  • Commonly, low, scoop, sweetheart necklines look best and beautiful with Satlada.
  • Looks good with the plain blouse and makes your blouse stand out.
  • Satlada is also best for square necklines because square necklines are boring.

Princess Necklaces:

It is the most primary, standard style of necklace and can be someplace around nineteen inches in length. It adjusts just under(below) the collarbone. A light princess necklace can look suitable with a saree or simple suits. It is also famously known as The Gulbandh Necklace.

Tips for Princess necklaces:

  • Round or sweetheart necklines work excellent for the Polki & Pearl necklace style because the lines complement each other, shifting(moving) focus to the necklace.
  • Alternatively, style them by wearing them over a close-neck blouse, mainly if your necklace features precious stones.

Navratan Wedding Necklaces:

It is known to be auspicious in Hindu marriages. It was made famous by Mira Rajput Kapoor when she wore it at her wedding ceremony. Since then, this style there has been no looking back. It is a necklace with 9 different precious gemstones and semi-precious gemstones such as pearl, emerald, red coral, ruby, yellow sapphire, blue sapphire, diamond, cat’s eye and hessonite.

Tips for Navratan:

  • It is best paired with a monotone outfit because it has 9 different colored gemstones.
  • Pink or orange is best for a brighter shade. Colors like beige, grey, light purple or peach are best with the Navratan necklace.

Bib Necklaces For Brides:

A bib necklace is derived from a toddler’s bib. These necklaces are large in size and an alternative for brides who want to wear a heavy necklace rather than two small ones. Many Indian brides are often seen wearing this with sickle shape hangings.

Tips for Bib necklaces:

  • When wearing a Bib necklace, you must avoid big-size earrings.
  • If you (bride) have a short neck, you may need to keep away from bib necklaces or pick out styles that fall lower on the chest. 

Collar Necklaces:

The Collar Bridal necklaces are very similar to Chokers, but they lie closer to or on the collarbone (like a natural collar!)

Tips for Collar necklaces:

  • Round and sweetheart necklines look great with it!
  • It is correct to keep the neckline low enough to leave space between the blouse and neckline. It helps the Jewelry stand out.

Guttapusalu Necklaces:

This South Indian design is guaranteed to get famous once more. It is a Rani haar style long necklace made of pure gold that commonly ends with bunches of tiny pearls at the fringes, with a splattering of diamonds, emeralds set and rubies within it.

Tips for Guttapusalu:

  • It looks best with V-neck, U-neck, high neck and close round blouse necklines.
  • It can be paired with a collar or choker necklace, but a chunky Guttapusalu seems equally good on its own as properly.


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