How To Get Perfect South Indian Bride Look


If you plan to have a South Indian bride look on your big day(wedding day), then you are on the right page. We have some tips and hints you can keep up your sleeve for the South Indian bride to look like your dreams.

This blog post has included everything from South Indian bride sarees designs and hairstyles to South Indian bride jewelry from which you may take inspiration and put together the perfect South Indian bride wedding look for your dream day.

Jewelry For South Indian Bride Look:

Weddings for women are not supposed to be without (gold) jewelry in India. Still, if we talk about the south Indian bride’s look on her wedding day, then it is full of gold jewelry. Every part of the south Indian bride, like the neck, waist, arms, hair, and toe, will be adorned with gold jewelry. There are multiple gold necklaces different in size and design that the south Indian bride will wear. Temple Jewelry is very famous for the south Indian bride look. As the name of the jewelry denotes, jewelry designs might be made of gods. South Indian gold jewelry will have unique designs with antique or vintage gold. Below are some tips for a south Indian bride’s look with jewelry.

Nose Ring, Kamar Band, And Necklaces:

Fashionable but minimalistic in its nature, rock that nose ring at your wedding ceremony with traditional gold jewelry, make-up, clothes, and garments, thus standing out in the myriads of favor(fashion).

The Kamar bandh look is known as the traditional south Indian bride look. So, whenever a bride wears a Kamar bandh on her wedding day, it must be a south Indian bride look.

The heavily layered necklaces are a huge part of the south Indian bride’s look at her wedding jewelry. The gold jewelry worn by south Indian brides is exquisite and lavish.

Beautiful Saree Designs:

The South region of India is very famous for its silk sarees, especially Kanjivaram’s. Colors give the south Indian bride more attractive looks. She looks fantastic in the deep red, blue, green, and golden color silk saree. These simple silk saree give a more elegant look to the south Indian bride on her wedding day. Tip: Do not forget to buy your South Indian bride saree in a color that compliments your skin shade.

Pattu Saree Blouse Designs:

Let us admit that a good blouse design might make or break a saree’s look for the bride. So, when you pick the perfect Kanjivaram saree for your dream day, it is also essential to stitch a blouse that complements your saree well. Tip: If you wear a simple saree with little or no motifs, go all out on the blouse design. However, suppose your saree is full of design and motifs. In that case, sticking to a simple blouse is best to avoid overdoing your South Indian bride look.

Hairstyle For South Indian Bride:

If we talk about a south Indian bride’s wedding look, then the bride will be seen full of jewelry from head to toe. Gold jewelry with flowers in hair complement the south Indian bride’s traditional silk saree. Most south Indian brides have lengthy hair braids; some make a bun and enhance their gorgeous look with flowers. Flowers not just blossom with a great smell but also increase the beauty of the South Indian Bride look.


South Indians bride looks beautiful with a gajra. So, fresh mogra flowers help south Indian brides to beautify their look. And despite this, south Indians wear traditional hair accessories, and temple jewelry for the bride look.

South Indian Bride Make-Up:

As a South Indian bride faces, most of the part remains covered with (gold)jewelry and hair accessories. So, make-up plays a vital role in giving the bride a bold and bright look according to her wish. On wedding occasions, brides have to change dresses according to the ceremonies. They sometimes prefer to put on golden make-up that will match(shape) perfectly with their saree and (gold)jewelry. The bride’s make-up has to be bold and deep colors to stay long-lasting until the end of the wedding ceremony. Because of the dusky skin tone, most South Indians brides also use red, bronze, or matching with gold.

Muted Eyes with Bold Lips Make-up:

Try something new by way of keeping the eyes minimal and straightforward. You could skip the smoky eyes make-up to move clean on the eyes. Instead, choose a bold and eye-catching lip color. This is placing and standing out in the maximum fashionable manner feasible.

The Minimalistic Bridal Look:

For the brides out there who do not like going overboard, this is the look they can choose. If you fall into this category, then let it be known that even with your minimalistic choices and attires, you may rock this style at your wedding ceremony! Top your minimal bride jewelry with a classy yet traditional yellow and orange Kanjivaram saree, and flaunt your gorgeous combination of personality and attire on your special day(wedding day)!

South Indian wedding ceremonies are known for their lavish rituals, gorgeous and colorful sarees, massive gold jewelry, and indulgent bridal hairstyles adorning beautiful flowers(such as gajra)! The South Indian bride’s look accentuates the bride’s face and complements her skin shade to a large extent. Whether you want to head for the traditional look, contemporary attire, or a fusion of the two, a South Indian bride look proves its versatility in all spheres.



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