The 7 Best South Indian Bride In The World


These are some words that go well with a South Indian bride’s look: graceful, elegant, lovely, diva. The bride looks like a fairy coming out of paradise in her traditional gold-embellished saree.

Each state and culture inside south India has its own unique look, and the South Indian bride style is no exception. Every South Indian state’s brides have a unique characteristic. Each of their methods clearly reflects their culture, whether in the accessories they choose to wear, the way they drape their 7 rads, their haircut, or even the jewelry they choose to wear. We have recreated the South Indian bride style for you. Meet the South Indian brides from all over South India who have individually created a trend that others might follow.

Hyderabadi South Indian Bride:

Reddy Brides, Nizam Brides, and Andra Arya Varsya are the three categories of Hyderabadi brides. Each style of South Indian bride has its own unique beauty and attraction. Brides from the Reddy and Arya Varsya families wear almost similar wedding dresses.

Dress: The brides of Reddy and Arya Varsya both wear a similar stunning thick gold and red bordered Zari saree or a white cotton-silk saree.

Hairstyle: She neatly ties her hair up in a bun or braid.

Jewelry: They also dress with jewelry designed by temples for their wedding.

Nizam Bride:

A Nizam bride is known as a Muslim bride hailing from Hyderabad, the city of Nizams. She looks elegant and also gorgeous.

Dress: A Nizam bride wears the traditional Khada Dupatta at her wedding.

Hairstyle: She is pretty experimental with her hairstyles. She tries everything from soft waves to curls and also open to braided.

Jewelry: The bride wears heavy Jadau jewelry, including a Jada Huwa Lachcha, a kind of choker, along with the Satlada necklace. Many brides also wear Tirmani made from gems or pearl jewelry. However, the essential jewelry pieces are a Paasa, a traditional hair accessory, and a large hoop Nath.

Kerala South Indian Bride:

When you imagine a Kerala bride, you probably see a gorgeous girl wearing heavy gold temple jewelry, a pure white Kasavu saree, and lovely white flowers in her hair. The most common South Indian bride style is this one.

Dress: A Malayali bride is dressed in a Kasavu, a traditional saree from Kerala. While some brides like to experiment with color, many choose to wear a pure white saree with a golden border. Other colors worn by brides are typically bright and gorgeous colors like crimson, lavender, and so on.

Hairstyle: A Malayali bride either braids or binds a few strands of her hair while leaving the rest free. She accessorizes her hair with hair jewelry or Gajra made of jasmine.

Jewelry: The Malayali bride wears heavy gold temple jewelry from south India. A Malayali bride also likes (favorite) jewelry, including the Palaka, Kamarband, Kasu mala, and matha Patti.

Chennai Bride:

The Chennai bride or Tamil bride gives a brand new definition of elegance, charisma, and beauty.

Dress: A Tamil bride is dressed in a bright Kanjeevaram silk saree, which is traditional. While non-Brahmin Chennai brides wear 6-yard sarees, Brahmin brides wear 9-yard sarees. The brides dress in the Madisar way of wearing the saree.

Hairstyle: The bride’s hair is tied in an elaborate bun and plait. She decorates her hair with beautiful orange and white flowers. Jadai Nagam, an elaborate gold and stone jewelry, fantastically decorate her hair.

Jewelry: A Tamil or Chennai bride wears gold jewelry at her wedding ceremony. Oddiyanam is a waist chain in temple-inspired style, Tamil Maang Tikka in gold, pearls, and stone, Nethi, an ornament worn on both the sides of hair parting, bangle, necklace, and earrings are the jewelry pieces that a Tamil bride wears.

Kannadiga South Indian Bride:

The brides of Kannadiga are fond of wearing massive gold jewelry, just like Kerala brides are. The gorgeous Kannadiga bride wears a Maharashtrian wedding look.

Dress: A Kannadiga bride dressed in a traditional Naavari Saree that is 9 yards long.

Hairstyle: The traditional high bun and plait are worn by Kannadiga brides. She also decorates her hair with heavy, jeweled hair accessories. Many brides also love adding flowers to decorate their bun.

Jewelry: A Kannadiga bride must wear heavy gold jewelry with temple-inspired designs, Kamarband, green bangles (much like a Maharashtrian bride), Matha Patti, Maang Tikka, and Jhumkas, in addition to other jewelry.

Coorgi Bride:

A Coorgi bride from the Coorg region is sometimes called a Kaanagiga bride. The bridal style of the Coorgi region of South India differs from that of the Kannadiga. She looks stunningly gorgeous in her unique dress.

Dress: A Coorgi bride dressed in a white cotton-silk saree or a brightly colored brocade or Zari saree. The saree is dressed in traditional Coorgi design. The front Pallu is stretched over the shoulder. Pushing the pleats backward. The look is often referred to as Kodagu Style Saree or Kodava Attire. The bride wears a veil, known as a Vastra, to cover her head. She combines the color and designs of her saree with the Vastra.

Hairstyle: She wears Vastra to cover her hair.

Jewelry: In the Coorg region, brides like bride jewelry with temple-inspired designs.

Mangalorean Bride:

On her special day, a Mangalorean bride dressed in unique attire. She looks gorgeous as she glows with joy and energy.

Dress: Over the ages, a Mangalorean bride’s wedding attire has seen some changes. At one time, brides would dress in “Kirgi” and “Baju” for their weddings. The bride is dressed in four feet long by three feet wide garment called a Kirgi, worn from the waist down. A Baju is a sleeved jacket the bride would wear to cover the top of her body. She would also put on a V-shaped veil.

Hairstyle: Just like other South Indian bridals, a Mangalorean bride ties her hair in a braid or bun. The braid or bun is beautifully decorated with strands of white flowers.

Jewelry: Glittery gold is essentially necessary for a South Indian bride’s look. A Mangalorean bride makes it a point to keep to her traditional bride attire. Thus she wears massive gold jewelry on her special day.

The South Indian bride’s usual jewelry includes beautiful gold necklaces, a Kamar band, earrings, a Maang tikka, bangles, and a matha Patti.


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