The Most Gorgeous South Indian Wedding Saree You Will Ever Seen!


In a south Indian wedding, a saree can stand anything from a rich Kanjivram to a simple Kasavu, from royal Chettinad silk to a lavish Gadwal; from a traditional Dharmavaram to an elegant Narayanpeth, the choices are endless.

Let’s watch various types of most famous South Indian Sarees in this decade and various styles of the south Indian bride attire. There is no doubt that Pattu sarees stand as a staple of South Indian marriages. However, picking the perfect bride Pattu saree for your memorable day might be challenging, specifically with multiple available options. From gold Pattu saree to white Pattu saree, Pattu sarees arrive in a collection of colors, themes, designs, and textures.

These Pattu bride sarees can again use as a party wear saree after the marriage! Do you have a puja(any function like a birthday) at home? Wear it with dignity!

Kanjivaram Silk Pink Saree:

Pink color shades of light and dark are used on the bride’s saree with just a simple border. This combo of dark and light shades makes the bride beautiful in her already lovely look. The blouse includes some massive workings done with shiny silver thread over the red material saree. The bride also wears light jewelry pieces to complete her south Indian bride perfect look.

Litchi Silk Saree In Pink:

Some simplicity in the south Indian wedding saree at its best. It has light grey borders and some other patterns which are stitched here and there. The blouse is also paired up with light grey and light pink. Completing the south Indian bride look, she wears massive jewelry and flowers.

Pink And Blue South Indian Wedding Saree:

Blue and rich pink are used to make the silk south Indian saree material perfect for the south Indian bride’s best look. The patterns in the square shape on the saree with a rich border of gold color and the blouse has pink color flowers over the bright blue dress.

Pink and Gold’s Magic:

The bride is attired in gorgeous gold and a deep pink saree from South India. The bride has paired it with a contrasting deep green gold-work blouse that enhances the saree’s brightness. This is a conventional silk saree from Kanchipuram. Her hair is classically decorated with flowers, and she wears gold and rice-pearl jewelry.

Pink and Creme Magic:

Pattusarees in white and off-white are pretty traditional. Many south Indian brides like richly woven Kanjivarams for their weddings. Instead of the usual maroon, red, or golden south Indian wedding saree, the option for a Tussar hue Pattusaree with a border of pink color to add some variety to the bride look.

Traditional Red Pattu Saree:

Every culture has a bride color, and red stands as one of them. Suppose you are a south Indian bride who likes to wear something traditional on her big day. A simple red Pattu saree with a gold color border is a perfect option.

You can not move wrong with a rich maroon color and gold color saree! The bride keeps a simple look, yet her outfit exudes grace. Her bridal look is differentiated by her selection of jewelry, which contrasts with her simple South Indian wedding Saree and little cosmetics.

The one-of-a-kind Bajubandh stands as a work of skill in and of itself, while the gold coin plait chain loots the show. This bridal is here to complete a statement!

Kanjivaram Silk Saree In Red:

The Telugu south Indian wedding bridal wears a rich red color Kanjivaram wedding saree with a simple light red color border, and some handloom designs with light red color rounded patterns here and there in the overall saree design.

The blouse also owns some beautiful, intricate prints(patterns) made around the elbow and above, accomplished over the bright red silk. Rich pieces of gold jewelry are donned with white and red flowers by her.

Red Magic On South Indian Wedding Saree:

Another beautiful rich red wedding silk saree has flowery patterns and a rich embroidered gold color border. The blouse is made using another set of square prints(patterns) over the red and orange fabrics with jewel sewed at the end.

The Magic Of Red And Yellow:

The combo of red and yellow on this Kanjivaram south Indian wedding saree is not something you witness every day. The south Indian bride glorifies her look in this saree with some patterns in light yellow and the colored border with red and yellow. The blouse also has some unique and detailed designs done utilizing golden threads.

Kerala Red and Gold Saree:

In this type of south Indian wedding saree, simplicity is the central theme here. The Kerala south Indian bride wears a fantastic south Indian wedding saree with some intricate details, utilizing gold handlooms and red for the saree silk. The saree blouse also comes with similar designs and patterns.

Mysore South Indian Wedding Saree In Red:

Mysore cotton silk is utilized as the south bride’s saree material. The brilliant red color gives a happy and graceful vibe with small gold color prints(patterns) on the saree’s border and also inside the saree. The overall design of the saree is simple.

Red And Grey Kanjivaram Silk Saree:

The south Indian bride looks stunning wearing this Kanjivaram wedding silk saree with some embroidered patterns in grey with a rich red edge(border). The saree blouse is also colored, utilizing silver threads(lines) on red cloth.

Red-gold And Cream South Indian Wedding Saree:

When a south bridal wears a south Indian wedding silk saree, it gives the image of goddess Durga in color and embroiders border in red and gold. This saree blouse comes with small flowery patterns over the red color silk.

The Beauty of Blue:

In Indian cultures, blue color is highly famous as a reception outfit color. Regardless, in South Indian Weddings culture, blue is hugely a bride color! The bride wears a traditional south Indian wedding saree in queenly blue. The pink color border makes a unique visual contrast. This saree would even go very nicely in your Roka tradition.

Another Blue Silk Saree:

This south Indian wedding saree is also a simple design that looks traditional elegant, and classy with blue silk and some attractive gold patterns with a slight gold border. Its blouse is shining yellow though with tree-like patterns in gold color.

Blue And Orange South Indian Wedding Saree:

This south saree design fabric is so gorgeous. We barely get to catch such a unique variation of color combo rich orange and ocean blue color. Floral and elephant patterns are utilized in the blue ocean area with gold and orange patterns. The blouse contains some embroidered creations in gold over the orange silk.

Orange is flaming:

Basically, Indian brides prefer the color red. However, other people(brides) think it is overused. We suggest a south Indian wedding saree for such bridals. This sunset orange and gold Kanjivaram saree is a work of skill. The saree has a broad gold border and gold but is around.

Light Orange South Indian Wedding Saree:

This south Indian wedding saree silk material has a transparent color in light orange with the same shade border. The golden color blouse is heavily worked though with jewel pieces and gold threads. The bride donning the white and orange garlands and jewelry enhances her looks more.

Orange And Green Beauty:

The laboriously designed gorgeous silk bridal saree for the south bride below has a particular color combination of grassy green and deep orange. The colored border of the saree is done in shining orange, and the inside patterns are short with green. The saree blouse contains some heavy designs, too, with silver and gold threads over the saree’s orange silk.

The Bride In Pure Violet:

The south bride looks awestruck in this saree. The pure violet color on silky fabric with patterns like leaves and the rich violet border of the saree only enhance her beauty. The blouse is also done in pure violet with patterns like peacock wings utilizing dark gold.

Violet With Gold Magic:

The south bridal is wearing a violet silk saree for her big day. The intricate flowery patterns are all over the saree with a border of gold color. The design of the blouse is done with gold jewel patterns.

White and Gold Kerala Saree:

This is another simple south Indian wedding saree that brides mainly adorn in Kerala in their south weddings. This is a traditional saree, just a white gold pallu, and the elegant red blouse contains some golden circles patterns at the end.

Kanjivaram Traditional Dark Moss Green Color:

Deep moss green, an uncommon bridal color, pairs beautifully with a wealthy golden border. The bride is clothed in a traditional saree with a matching blouse. She was decorated with the wealthy gold jeweler, the gold Kamar bandh’s most unusual feature. Her hairstyle of orange blossoms complements the rich coloring of her south Indian wedding saree.

Deep Maroon and Gold Saree:

It is unattainable to go incorrect with a rich maroon and gold saree. Although the bridal is attired simply, she exudes grace. Her choice of jewelry sets her bridal look differently, contrasting with her simple south Indian wedding saree and little makeup. The one-of-a-kind Bajubandh is a piece of skill in and of itself, while the gold coin plait chain truly stands out. This bride stands all around, setting the bar high!

Pastels of Elegance:

When planning a summer marriage, you might like to avoid wearing a conventional south Indian wedding saree with brilliant colors. You might instead prefer a saree with pastel shades(colors). This bride is attired in a pastel blue saree with a wide border. She paired it with a lilac blouse. Even Famous designers are enchanted with these bride sarees.

Silver and Yellow in Contrast:

Weavers make new color combinations and styles daily on a traditional framework. Wedding sarees from South India are not distinct. Every day, they switch. Regard this wedding saree entirely made of silver. The bride wore it with a shining yellow colored blouse for a simple yet graceful look.

White and Maroon South Indian Wedding Saree:

It is a fable that cream and maroon or white and red combinations in south Indian sarees are important to Bengalis. The south Indian bride glances heavenly in this maroon and cream Pattusaree. As her saree is simple, her jewelry completes up for it. She also models heavy conventional jewelry close to her neck and arms.

Her cosmetic is tiniest and muted to simplify the bride’s look more. She exact wears medium-sized jhumkas. What loots the look is the elaborate poola-Jada hairstyle.

Obsessed With Gold South Indian Wedding Saree:

Some bridals are smitten with the shade(color) gold! South Indian wedding saree in gold contains been accessorized with numerous gold necklaces. The bride skillfully picks necklaces in different designs and sizes(in length) to avoid appearing excessive. In extra to the mango mala, she also wears a coin and temple-style necklace. Adding a maroon color blouse with golden decorations to her all-gold wedding getup helps to break up the monotony of the outfit.

Pattu In White South Indian Wedding Saree:

Assume wearing a Pattu saree in gold if you like to hold a genuinely traditional look but do not like to wear pinks, reds, or other shining colors. The south Indian bride wears the saree in gold and Tussar coloring. Suppose you are a south Indian bride. If you are going to marry in a temple, then we highly suggest you this look.

The Purest Form Of Simplicity:

 This bride is exceptionally stunning in her conventional Kasavu south Indian wedding saree, which she keeps accessorized with pure gold traditional jewelry to finish the outfit.

A south Indian wedding saree wears by bridals from all around India, including those from also the west and east, who require to wear sarees for their marriages.  All you can do now is assemble sure your accessories compare to your saree. South Indian bridals beautify their hair with flowers(such as Gajra) and wear conventional gold jewelry, commonly temple-style, on their marriage day. The wrong jewelry or hairstyle may not be competent to bring out the attractiveness of a saree from South India.

South Indian wedding sarees, on the different hand, are more adaptable than Benarasi sarees and can stand worn at other gatherings after the marriage. They are usually more lightweight and retain the ideal blend of traditional and trendy components.

We hope the distinct styles of the most famous South Indian Sarees in the present decade have provided you with a good picture of what you can wear on your marriage day nowadays that you have witnessed them. 

Pro advice: Before going south Indian bridal saree shopping, study some wedding sarees online to understand your preferences. Also, visit some trusted sites like awsmagzine.


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