A Complete Guide To Identify A Black Diamond


Black diamonds are an appealing option to colorless diamonds (colorless diamonds are known as rare diamonds and are so expensive). Until lately, black diamonds, also named carbonados, were utilized only for industrial objectives. Non-traditional jewelry like diamond engagement rings, wedding gold necklaces with a diamond, gold earrings with diamonds, and all other jewelry have gained popularity. So, black diamonds are now a leading preference for alternative or edgy looks. If you are looking to buy a unique and special diamond with the hardness and glow of a colorless diamond, consider a black diamond engagement ring, black diamond necklace, and more jewelry for your love!

Black Diamond Story:

Brazilians discovered the first black diamonds in 1840, and black diamonds have a rich history. Diamonds include long existed related to capital and power. In some beliefs(religions), diamonds were considered to hold special and unique healing abilities, and the Greeks believed diamonds to be the gods’ tears.

Black Diamond Symbolism And Meaning:

Like colorless diamonds, black diamonds also represent innocence, love, and commitment. Black diamonds are known to symbolize charm, passion, and strength, unlike white diamonds. It is this added deep that makes them unique and special. 

Numerous also honor the spiritual significance and properties of black diamonds. Black diamond is one of the hardest minerals in the world. Because of that fact, they are understood to be a great sign of eternity. This is one of the reasons they make an excellent choice for a black diamond engagement ring for your lovely one.

Is Black Diamond Actual Diamond?

There are two basic types of black diamonds.

  1. Natural Black Diamonds
  2. Treated Black Diamonds

Natural black diamonds contain similar chemical formatting to colorless diamonds. They are rare ones composed of diamond, graphite, and amorphous carbon and are the most difficult of all the diamond types.

Treated black diamonds are less valuable as compared to their natural replications. These are white diamonds with an increased number of inclusions and ruptures and usually a dull grey look. In their initial condition, these diamonds are almost worthless and simply utilized for industrial objectives. It is possible to generate a black coloring once subjected to heat, pressure, and irradiation treatments, resulting in a black diamond. 

In comparison, natural black diamonds obtain their black color during the creation procedure, with no external interference. These two keep a lot of inclusions current; however, their inclusions include graphite clusters, which give the stone a black, metallic look.

The organic method in which natural black diamond is made means they are exceptionally rare and valuable considerably more valuable than an artificially treated black diamond.

Are Black Diamonds Fake?

Natural black diamonds are drilled from the bottom of the rock and were created over millions of years.

On the other hand, you see a significant percentage of stones (diamonds) on the market are treated black diamonds because natural black diamonds are so rare. To make treated black diamonds, they are first taken and then treated utilizing intense heat or irradiation, which then spins the diamond’s color to black. Usually, these contain so many impurities they cannot use in jewelry for a unique look. Treated black diamonds are inexpensive as compared to natural black diamonds. Because they are created from low-quality white diamonds. These will sometimes be named black-colored diamonds or colorless treated black diamonds on the market.

Color, Cut, Carat, and Clarity:

Everyone knows that diamonds are generally checked and measured by diamond’s color, cut, cut, and clarity(known as 4Cs of the diamond). The exact thing is true for any color diamond, such as it consists of black diamonds, with rare exceptions.

Fine diamonds are graded on a color ranking from D to Z. D tells a diamond is pale (colorless) and is known as the perfect measure for these diamonds. On the other hand, black diamonds are not ranked on these measures, as color is considered independently in this case.

Diamond cut links to the grade of the angles cut in the stone(diamond). We use the word cut to determine the shape and style in which the gemstone is created. When a diamond is approved, the cut guides the diamond’s symmetry, dimensions, and reflective qualities. Diamond cuts vary from excellent diamonds to poor diamonds. The cut of the diamond, along with the other standards, can contribute to the rare and worthwhile qualities of the black diamond.

Several people believe that carat guides the diamond’s size, but it is the diamond’s weight. It is enjoyable to see black diamonds denser than transparent or color diamonds, so a 1-carat black diamond will seem slighter than a 1-carat white diamond.

The diamond’s flawlessness is known as its clarity. Diamonds’ inclusions affect the worth of the diamond, which is even valid for black diamonds. Defining if black diamonds are natural and genuine is essential to ensure that the color is uniform throughout the diamond(stone).

Black Diamond’s Intensity Levels:

Like other diamonds, you can check the black diamond’s intensity level through the diamond’s 4Cs.

Unlike most other color diamonds, which can find in a broad range of colors, black diamonds are found in only one color intensity: fancy black. Other diamonds, such as fancy white, fancy pink, and fancy red, contain a single intensity status. Still, most different colors can find with up to 9, from faint to deep.

How to Take Care of Black Diamonds?

Black diamonds are tough stones but require additional care compared to the average diamond. The cause is due to the multiple tiny inclusions that are present in natural black diamonds. These can cause the stone to break or crack if subject to hard knocks and blows. 

Another point to remark is not to utilize steam cleaners or ultrasonic when washing or cleaning black diamonds. Because these can cause damage to the diamond. Instead, use a retail jewelry cleanser, warm water, and soap with a soft bush.

Propose With Perfect Black Diamond Ring:

A black diamond engagement ring is a gorgeous choice for partners who like something special, unique, and memorable forever. However, ensure to do your reading before you purchase. Understanding how to pick the correct black diamond engagement ring to obtain something that suits your budget and selection is critical.

When Buying a Black Diamond:

Whether you buy your genuine(natural) black diamond from a physical store or online, your dealer should inform you whether the diamond is a natural diamond or a treated diamond. Forever ensure you obtain a certification of authenticity from a trusted lab for your diamond. For this, GIA is supposed to be compatible and very strict when giving diamond certifications.

Remark that GIA does not supply research for treated diamonds. Purchasing from a well-established and respected retailer with good client benefits and after-sales benefits is critical when buying high-end products like diamonds.



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