The Most Interesting Color Changing Gemstones!


Did you realize there is such something as marveling at color-changing gemstones? Yes, there is an extensive collection of gemstones that change color. Many stunning gems switch or change color in response to diverse lighting sources, including natural sunlight during the day too, fluorescent light sources, or any other type of interior lighting. The gems that change color are from various mineral clans, such as Garnets, Alexandrite, and certain Sapphires.

There is lots of controversy concerning gems that color change. Many people use the traditional method of comparing light sources like incandescent and fluorescent, which is not enough. In reality, many people are not examining gems for color changes. This is among the many significant disadvantages of the present gemology and has to be taken care of frequently.

Alexandrite Gemstones

Sapphire Color Changing

Garnet Gemstone

Andesine Color Changing

Diaspore Gems

Fluorite Gem

Spinel Color Changing Gems

Alexandrite Gemstones:

Alexandrites are called the most expensive color-changing gemstones that change color. Its colors change from blueish mossy green under sunlight. In incandescent light, it is a striking red shade with a hint of raspberry. The most exquisite stones change in color from the green that is traffic light to reddish traffic light. These distinctive hue changes that are difficult to overlook are why it is the most sought-after stone. The primary sources of Alexandrite are those in Brazil, Russia’s Ural Mountains, and the present Sri Lanka.

Sapphire Color Changing Gemstones:

Sapphire Sapphire is well-known for its stunning blue hues; however, a rare form of Sapphire is able to change colors. The color changes typically shift from blue under natural light to purple when lit by artificial lighting. The sources of Sapphire are Sri Lanka, Myanmar in Burma, and Kashmir.

Garnet Gemstone:

Garnets are also able to change color according to the light they are placed in. Their color shift ranges from deep red to hues of brown and orange to bright greens and subtle shades of purple and pink. For this reason, the gemstone that changes color is thought to protect its wearer at night and is often frequently worn by tourists. Garnet sources are across Africa, Russia, and Sri Lanka.

Andesine Color Changing:

Alongside green, red, or yellow shades, Andesine is known as a gem that can change color. The sources for Andesine comprise Mongolia and Tibet, which are the only two places where one or two of the mined ones possess the ability to change color. Suppose you are lucky enough to discover a color-changing Andesine. In that case, it will show shifting colors ranging from deep green to vibrant purple.

Diaspore Gems:

Diaspore is a remarkable ability to color chain since it is able to show three distinct shades. Zultanite and Casrite is the name used to describe a highly unique version of Diaspore, which exhibits this incredible color change. The best variety of this stone is located in Turkey.

Fluorite Gem:

The color-changing Fluorite gemstones have been introduced to the market, most of which are used to cause a color change. It is typically blue in color, but it can change color from blue to purple.

Spinel Color Changing Gems:

Spinels are an under-appreciated gem, I believe. Many of the fantastic historic “rubies” weren’t spinels. The red gemstones were all called rubies before chemical analysis introduced stones in the early 1700s. For instance, The Black Prince’s Ruby, for example, is actually a world-class spinel!

Spinel comes in an assortment of colors, and some are changing colors. The color of Spinel may change between deep blue and purple, depending on the lighting. The issue is that it is not that significant. It is not a huge and considerable divergence or variation.

These stones are still sold at a high price. However, they are not at the top portion of the range of Spinel. Instead, they make their way into jewelry in the mid-range of range.

Although not as striking as other pieces listed, some exceptional examples pop up. For most people, this color change is just an anomaly rather than an essential characteristic of their piece of color-changing gemstone jewelry.

How to Color Changing gemstones Change Colors:

It is essential that the lighting is suitable for color-changing gemstones to switch between shades. If you own one of these gems, make sure to look them up under every light. They offer a mysterious beauty that is similar to you wearing several gemstones together.

Color-changing gemstones are less common than single-colored ones; therefore, they typically command a higher price. So, which one do you want the numerous?


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