Plus Size Business Casual Wear That Displays Your Style


The Business casual style is elegant and well-put together. It is a good option for your work wardrobe or for a more formal look out of the office. But what does “business casual” means? Find our top tips on how to dress for business casual plus your size and the best way to create the appearance.
Business casual can be complicated because the term is actually two totally different things! When we hear the word “business casual,” we envision office attire which is free to express yourself and put your personal style and is effortless to change from daytime to nighttime.

Start With a Neutral Palette:

This style is about subtle elegance. Therefore we suggest using a neutral palette for your essentials. Think whites, blacks, grays, navy and browns, and Tans. Layer on more vibrant colors or create patterns with blouses, shirts, and other accessories.

Our top choices include top-quality shirtdresses and wide-leg pants or chinos. Also, single-breasted blazers, pencil skirts, and chinos. If you are looking for a preferred dress, you can try an old-fashioned sheath dress or midi style.

Wear a Dress that Fits Your Body:

Dressing according to your physique can be a great appearance and is especially good when dressing for plus-size business casual. Not only does it show that you are a total BOSS in charge of your work and body, but it also shows that you know exactly what is best for you. Not to mention, putting on an amazing outfit will make a huge difference to your confidence.

Makeover Style for Plus Size Business Casual:

The casual business style rather than the typical corporate attire lends itself to easily changing your outfit from work to restaurant, bar, or going out on an initial date.

If you take off the blazer, change your shoes, the top, or even just change the bag, you will immediately create an ‘off-duty style.

All About Fit for Plus Size Business Casual:

We understand the struggle of finding clothing that is right for your body at all the right places is more of a challenge (read complete problem) for us plus-sized business casual for women. Dressing in clothes that fit will not only make your confidence. Still, it will also make you appear professional, which is always a plus for a workplace.

For this, we suggest taking note of your measurements so that you can refer to the size chart before purchasing on the internet. Check out the product reviews to determine whether it is true to size or if it is slightly larger or smaller. The kind of fabric the clothes are made of can make a huge difference in the fit of your clothes; therefore, always look for the label on the fabric. If you purchase something you like but does not meet your needs, you can hire a tailor to modify the fit or even re-increase the hem.

Dress Yourself Up:

Do not be afraid to showcase your accessories. Bring a personal touch to your business casual plus-size outfits with jewelry like long pendants, a charming brooch, chunky bracelets, or earrings you have been eyeing in the sales.

Belts are also great for adding depth or contrast to your casual business style or highlighting your waist, creating an hourglass shape.

Larger is more appropriate when picking a bag for your casual business dress code. Find tote bags as well as suitcases and big shoulder bags. These bags are perfect for an evening out your weight, but they also allow you to carry everything you need.


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