How to Dress for a Business Casual Headshot


For a business casual headshot, you can dress in bright colors, and bright colors can capture attention if you work in the creative industry. Bright colors can also complement your hair and skin tone. Avoid busy patterns, such as domains, which create a moire effect and may distract from your image. If you want to include a pattern, stick to a simple design, such as vast domains or polka dots. You can also wear a solid-colored jacket over the pattern for a more balanced look.

Avoid neutrals

It is not necessary to stick with a neutral color palette. In an industry where neutral colors are preferred, you can use pops of color to add some personality to your photos. For example, if you are a florist, you should wear a floral print or colorful scarf to show your creativity. You can also use accessories such as a blazer, necktie, necklace, or pocket square.

As a business professional, you should avoid wearing overly casual attire to your headshot. Using too casual clothing evokes the perception of a lack of investment in yourself and your skills. Therefore, t-shirts are not a good choice for a professional headshot.

Avoid patterns

While it may be tempting to wear bold colors in your business casual headshot, it is best to avoid them. These colors tend to reflect light and can pick up colors from the surroundings. In addition, busy patterns tend to distract the viewer’s attention from the person in the photo. You can minimize this problem by sticking with solid colors and simple patterns.

When deciding which clothes to wear in your business casual headshot, remember that your executive brand will be on display. Wearing clothes that convey a sense of credibility will make you look more credible and professional. Therefore, avoid clothing with large logos or intricate patterns. If you do want to wear clothing with patterns, stick to thin domains and avoid anything with writing or a logo.

In a casual business headshot, colors should complement your skin tone. For instance, black and dark gray go well with almost everyone. However, patterns and domains can draw attention away from your face, so avoid those colors. Instead, try to stick with neutral colors like gray, black, and white.

Keep jewelry to a minimum. Opt for simple pieces without a loud design if you wear jewelry. Statement pieces may distract the viewer’s attention from you and may make the photo look cluttered.

Avoid shiny clothing

When taking a casual business headshot, avoid shiny or dazzling clothing. A casual business headshot should convey professionalism, but not so much that it reflects your personality. Likewise, long sleeves and neutral colors are the best choices for a woman. Men should stay away from colors such as pink and yellow. Dark gray, black, and navy are excellent choices.

Unless you’re in an industry that requires highly formal dress, don’t wear shiny or brightly colored clothing. A black suit coat, for example, will make you appear too dressed-down, so it’s best to wear a sport coat. Avoid wearing dangling earrings, as they will get caught in the hair and won’t look good in the headshot. A clean shirt with buttons up is also a must.

Shiny clothing will detract from your appearance. Even a shiny black leather jacket can appear too shiny. Similarly, shiny white clothing can look too shiny and will distract viewers from your face. Whenever possible, avoid wearing clothing that is not reflective, such as a white dress shirt or silver suit.

When choosing a casual business headshot, remember that the main objective is to focus the camera’s attention on your face. For this purpose, you should wear minimal accessories and aim for one or two. Moreover, you should remove any lenses from your glasses if possible. Bring a spare pair of glasses, too, just in case. Otherwise, your hair and makeup should be the same as always.

Avoid sleeveless dresses

Business casual headshots are essential for representation within the corporate world. Avoid sleeveless dresses if you want your headshot to portray you as professional. Women should choose a business suit or blazer instead of a sleeveless dress. Solid colors always look good, and pops of color are also okay. You should pay close attention to the neckline of your dress and crop it accordingly. However, there are instances where you can wear a sleeveless dress, depending on the industry.

Women should choose neutral colors, like black, grey, blue, or purple. It is also important to avoid showing too much skin, as it can make you look less professional. Also, avoid wearing see-through fabrics, as they may show off the undergarment. It is also essential to choose plain colors, such as black, white, gray, or beige. Avoid flesh-toned colors, as they can easily blend your face and arms into your outfit.

As with any other type of headshot, you should wear comfortable clothing yet look professional. Avoid baggy clothes, which can make you look heavier than you are. Instead, choose well-fitting clothes, which will add structure to your body and give you shape.

Sleeveless dresses and blouses should avoid for business casual headshots. These clothes can draw the viewer’s attention away from your face. In addition, they will cause your arms to look larger than they actually are. Cover your arms with a sweater, jacket, or scarf.

Avoid bright colors

Avoid bold patterns and bright colors when choosing clothing for a casual business headshot. These can create optical illusions in the image, requiring post-production retouching. Instead, choose simple, mid-tone colors. Mid-tone colors are universally flattering and convert well to black and white.

Wear comfortable clothes that emphasize your best features if you’re not a model. Avoid baggy clothing, as this can distract the photographer from capturing the image properly. Also, avoid wearing too much jewelry. It’s easy to stand out in a photo with too much jewelry, so try to keep it to a minimum.

Another critical detail to keep in mind is the color of your shirt. Bright colors like red or orange are unsuitable for a casual business headshot. These are more appropriate for more formal events. Also, if you’re planning on wearing a sport coat to a business casual event, it’s better to choose a black one than a red or yellow one.

Generally speaking, muted colors are more conservative and look better in a headshot. They also evoke a feeling of calm and comfort, which is beneficial for people with high anxiety levels. However, you should still wear enjoyable clothing that makes you feel good. While patterns are attractive, solids are always a safe bet when it comes to a casual business headshot.

Show off your personality.

Suppose you’re in a casual business role. In that case, you can show off your personality in your casual business headshot by wearing a fun outfit. Bold colors like coral and orange can add personality and vibrance to your headshot. However, please stay away from patterns as they can distract from your face. Another way to add color to your headshot is through your blouses and accessories. A solid color jacket is another excellent choice for a fun look, as it adds a bit of flair without distracting your face.

You can also wear a power suit or blazer for an even more confident look. Most photographers recommend bringing several shirts for the session in case the backdrop or lighting does not cooperate. Also, ensure you’re comfortable in the outfit, making the whole process more enjoyable and stress-free.

Choosing a color that matches your skin tone is essential, as the colors you choose will affect how the camera perceives you. Opt for red or light brown colors if you have a warmer skin tone. Cooler skin tones will benefit from blue or purple colors. While solid colors can be a good option, you should also consider undergarments and bras. You’ll also want to avoid wearing overly casual or too revealing outfits.

The right business casual headshot will showcase your personality and make you appear confident and approachable. This type of headshot is ideal for anyone working in a business environment.


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