Buying a Jewelry Safe Box


If you are shopping for a safe jewelry box, there are many different options. Buying a safe jewelry box is a wise investment, as it can prevent you from losing or damaging your jewelry. The Global EF25, SentrySafe fireproof safe, and Midas Touch fingerprint jewelry box are just a few examples. 

There are also many safe jewelry box options available in the market.

Jewelry Safes:

Jewelry safes are ideal for storing valuables, and they are incredibly affordable. You can find a safe for as little as 200 dollars or spend thousands of dollars on a solid and durable one. Fortunately, the majority of consumers do not need the most expensive safe. Suppose you have a small collection of pieces of jewelry. In that case, you can get an affordable, high-quality safe that will protect your prized possessions.

Global EF25 Jewelry Safe Box:

The Global EF25 Jewelry Safe Box is designed to secure your precious jewels. It features robust steel construction and reinforced wall construction. It is also fireproof and waterproof, with a 20mm thick front door. Its biometric fingerprint locking system and removable shelf allow you to organize your treasures easily.

Tiger King Safe:

Tiger king jewelry safe box is designed to safeguard your jewelry against theft or loss. It is a sturdy, durable box made of steel. Its door features a biometric fingerprint scanning system and a touch-activated keypad. You can also set up a password of three to eight digits, and the safe has two backup keys. Its interior features a removable shelf and mounting holes for securing your items.

Designed with an electronic lock and mechanical override key, this safe is both durable and reliable. You can also fix it to the floor with a body construction kit. This safe is small enough to fit in a corner without taking up too much room in your home. It also features an emergency key system if you forget your password or misplace your key.

SentrySafe Fireproof Safe:

When buying a jewelry safe, it is crucial to look for features that can protect your valuables. A SentrySafe jewelry safe is designed to provide both security and convenience. It has digital access passcodes, manual override systems, and an alarm system. It is available in several colors: blue, pink, gray, and black.

Fire and water resistance are important considerations when purchasing a safe. Ideally, the safe should have an electronic keypad, but it is essential to look for a backup key. An electronic keypad should have a battery indicator to ensure it will work in the event of a power failure. Also, keep a backup key handy just in case your battery power runs out, and you need to open the safe.

A fireproof safe must have a lock that can withstand a specific temperature and for a certain length of time. Underwriters Laboratories tests and rates different safes and assigns each one a fireproof rating. This rating lets you know the highest temperature a safe can withstand and the length of time it can maintain that temperature. The rating also informs you what materials your safe can protect. For example, a paper document safe should not reach 350 degrees Fahrenheit. In comparison, an electronic safe should be limited to 125 to 150 degrees.

Midas Touch Fingerprint Jewelry Safe Box:

The Midas Touch fingerprint jewelry safe box is the latest generation of biometric jewelry safe boxes. It features an ultra-slim design, a fingerprint scanner, and convenient access control. Also known as LockSafe, this jewelry box is an excellent option for those who are concerned about their jewelry’s security.

Barska Jewelry Safe Box:

The Barska line of fireproof jewelry safes offers the ultimate protection and organization. Fireproof gypsum board and solid steel construction provide maximum protection and durability. Digital keypads and two backup keys allow for secure access to your valuables. The Barska Keypad Jewelry Safe has two suede-lined drawers for storing your valuables, and a motion sensor LED light for easy viewing.

This biometric and fireproof jewelry safe is an excellent choice for anyone looking to keep their precious jewelry safe. Aside from the LED interior light, this luxury jewelry safe is also double the size of a standard Barska jewelry safe. This way, you can stack two Barska safes side by side if you so desire. The extra space will help you store more precious items.

Etmate Jewelry Safe Box:

The Etmate jewelry safe box offers a range of features to safeguard your jewelry and other valuables. Its biometric fingerprint scanning and touch-activated keypad allow for one-touch access, and it is designed to store up to 30 fingerprints. The safe also offers a range of security settings, including 3 to 8-digit passwords. In addition, it has two backup keys that allow for a greater degree of protection. The safe’s interior includes a removable shelf, mounting holes, and lockable bolts.

The Etmate jewelry safe has three 20mm full-strength steel live bolts for added security. The door of the box has an alarm that activates after three to six false entries. It is also equipped with a cloth interior, which makes it easy to organize. The safe also features a biometric fingerprint lock for added convenience.

Chelsea Safe:

The Chelsea jewelry safe box is an excellent option for storing your valuable jewelry. It has a traditional look and features a lock and a mirror. It also has seven compartments and a roll for rings and watches. The top compartment has a ring and watches holder. A small elastic pocket in the lid keeps your precious accessories safe and secure.

The bottom compartment is a single compartment that measures 7.31”W x 5.81”H. The other three drawers are the same size as the bottom. The Chelsea jewelry safe box also comes with a travel case for easy transport.


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