70s Fashion For Black Men


The 70s were a fun decade for men of all races, and black men were no exception. Today, reviving this style is a great way to achieve an awesome retro look. And, the best part is that it’s very on-trend. Here are some tips to keep in the 70s mood:


If you’re searching for some timeless 70s style menswear, corduroy could be the perfect choice. This classic textile is known for its plush feel and versatile styling – it can work in a suit or as casual separates. Olie Arnold, Mr Porter’s style director, says corduroy is a versatile fabric that works well with both a business-like look and a more relaxed look.

During the 70s, corduroy was one of the most popular and wearable trends. Originally considered a working-class fabric, it was discovered by college students who were looking for a change from the chinos of the era. Later, it was taken up by surfers and preps, who also took the style up a notch. The hippy generation, in particular, embraced corduroy for its counter-cultural connotations.

Sweater vests

The 70s were a time of textures and vibrant prints, and sweater vests were no exception. The trend for wearing them was born in the counterculture movement of the late 1960s. A beloved counterculture figure, Timothy Leary, is credited with popularizing the style. His slogan was “turn on, tune in, wear vests.”

Sweater vests are incredibly versatile and are not just for cold winters. They can easily be paired with a black suit to complete the look. But don’t be fooled by the trend – a sweater vest has many more uses than you might realize.

A sweater vest can be paired with a variety of outfits, including khakis and acid-wash jeans. The colors can give off a hippie vibe, so pair it with simple jewelry. Another great option is a pleated high waisted jeans. Psychedelic-colored sweater vests will give you a flower child vibe. Soft tan slacks and a brown purse will complement the look.

Cropped tops

Cropped tops were popular for black men in the 1970s. These outfits tended to be bold and eye-catching, featuring a tight top and loose bottom. The look was also characterized by interesting textures. Other staples of 1970s fashion for black men included platform shoes, long-sleeved shirts, turtleneck sweaters, and leisure suits.

The 1970s were a time of youth counterculture movements, which fueled fashion trends. The 1970s featured styles that celebrated individuality and expression, breaking the rules of traditional dress. There were many styles, including hippie, peacock, disco, and glam rock. These trends still continue to be popular today, with women and men alike opting to wear a variety of different items.

Bell-bottom blue jeans

A staple of the 1970s wardrobe, bell-bottom jeans continued to grow in popularity through the 1970s. The 70s were also a decade of bold patterns and the flared leg style. It is possible to wear flared jeans in a number of ways, including with a chunky-heeled boot, peep-toe heels, or casual sneakers.

For a touch of ’70s style, try the 70s Low Rise Bell Bottom in Black. This classic style is cut low and features a full-length inseam and a jet black wash reminiscent of deadstock jeans. They also have a zipper fly and finished wide trouser hems. In addition, 70s Low Rise Bell Bottom in Black features a fitted top block and a wide leg opening.

Ted gear

The 1970s were a great time for black men’s fashion, with a lot of room for creativity. Suits like the double-breasted suit, and even crushed velvet suitcoats, were popular. Satin shirts, which were unbuttoned at night, were also a popular choice. And many black men wore braided belts in earth tones. The pants, meanwhile, were tight through the knee, but flared out at the bottom. Another fashion staple was Cuban-heeled boots, which were similar to Chelsea boots, but with a pointed toe and central seam running from the toe to the ankle.

In addition to the casual, laid-back fashions of the 1970s, a large proportion of men wore leisure suits. These often featured gold medallions and oxford shoes. In addition, young men coveted vintage clothing. Some wore khaki chinos and workmen’s clothing.


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