70s Fashion Jewelry Trends


Whether you grew up in the 1970s or only know about it from your parents’ stories, everything about that time seems so carefree now, from the way people lived to the music to the clothes they wore. In fact, many of the strange fashions that started during the decade are still popular today. And you would not believe it, but many of the jewelry fashion trends from the 70s are still popular in designer jewelry collections.

Also, 70s jewelry fashion could be a great choice if you want a retro look that goes with your modern style. A lot of the jewelry styles that were popular in the 1970s are back again, but you can beat them by wearing the real thing.

Types of 70s Jewelry:

There were many kinds of jewelry in the 1970s, and many of them are still around today. Here are some of the more prominent designs of the time.

70s Earrings Jewelry:

Long earrings that hung down were popular. They were made of different materials, but most of them were cheap. These were dressy and glam, making them perfect for the disco. But there were also less flashy styles, like these vintage bohemian earrings from the 70s jewelry fashion, with more natural designs. Large hoops were also a big part of the jewelry scene in the 1970s.

70s Layering Necklaces:

One of the most popular trends in 70s fashion jewelry was layering necklaces. The idea was to add interest to your outfit by layering multiple necklaces. This style fitted in perfectly with the Mid-Century Modern aesthetic and was often adorned with natural materials. Turquoise, for instance, was a popular choice, and many pieces were also made from colors such as avocado green or burnt orange.

Adding more necklaces to your wardrobe is another great way to bring back the fashion from the 1970s. You can layer different styles and lengths of necklaces to give your ensemble a more eclectic look. Other popular 70s jewelry fashion trends included faux pearls, chokers, and bracelets. 

70s Chunky Chokers:

Chunky chokers are among the most popular 70s fashion jewelry pieces. They are dramatic, whimsical, and often have a Pop Art flair. Today, these pieces are enjoying a second life. You can wear them with your favorite 70s-style clothing or as an elegant accessory.

These chunky chokers can find in a variety of styles and materials. Some are created of metal, while others are made of plastic. They can be made from silver, gold, or even faux pearls. Many of these pieces also come with clip-on earrings.

70s Ankle Bracelets:

70s fashion ankle bracelets are a popular spring-summer accessory. You can find them in gold and silver, chunky and delicate, or subtle and elegant. These fashion statements are reminiscent of the styles worn by royalty and ancient Egyptians. These fashion pieces have a symbolic meaning and are a great accessory to compliment your Coachella fashion ensemble.

A friendship bracelet was a popular 70s jewelry fashion accessory and was worn by teenagers. Later, they became popular with adults. But the most significant 70s fashion accessory was the love bracelet. Designed by Cartier and Aldo Cipullo, these stylish pieces were meant to symbolize eternal love. They were fastened with a small screwdriver and are still popular today.

Ankle bracelets were also popular with women in the Middle East and Southeast Asia. The bracelets were worn on the ankle to give the appearance of a light walk and were connected by a chain. During the 1970s, they became popular with hippies and were linked with the bohemian lifestyle.

70s Jewelry Fashion Rings:

The mood ring from 70s jewelry fashion was the most popular, which could change color to indicate the wearer’s mood. Another fun fashion accessory was the puzzle ring. These rings came in many styles, ranging from silly costume jewelry to wedding bands. Another popular jewelry trend of the 1970s was cocktail rings. These large, flashy statement pieces were the favorite accessory of women, especially those who were attending formal events.

70s Jewelry Fashion Love beads:

Love beads were a popular accessory in the 1960s and early 1970s. Inspired by hippie culture, the women wore these colorful beads around their necks or on their wrists. Some were small, and some were chunky blocks that hung tightly in front of the throat. The 70s fashion jewelry trend was incredibly bold and over-the-top.

If you want to create a truly unique 70s jewelry look, consider combining different styles of this popular jewelry. For example, you could combine dangling earrings with layered bracelets or layers of necklaces with different-sized beads. This style is perfect for daytime wear. Remember to mix and match 70s fashion jewelry with modern clothing pieces to create an eclectic look.

70s Bone Cuffs:

A famous piece of 70s fashion jewelry, Bone cuffs were worn by many of the 70s’ most iconic women. Stars including Liza Minnelli, Sophia Loren, and Diana Ross all wore them. In fact, Margot Robbie wore one as part of her outfit at the 2016 Met Gala.

The original Bone cuffs were designed by Elsa Peretti, who was inspired by the jewelry worn by Egyptian royalty. They are still considered iconic pieces of 70s fashion jewelry, thanks to the sensual curves of the design. Whether worn alone or in pairs, Bone cuffs remain an enduring piece of 70s fashion jewelry.

Silk Flowers:

In the 70s, silk flowers were an essential part of fashion jewelry. Using flowers of similar hues is a great way to bring this trend back into your jewelry collection. These blooms will add a touch of femininity to any ensemble. For example, if you wear a purple dress, you can wear a silk flower necklace as your hair accessory.

Where to Buy Fashion Jewelry from the 70s:

You can find jewelry from the 1970s in stores that sell old jewelry. There may also be jewelry from the 1970s at the antique or vintage store near you. But Etsy and Amazon are better places to start your search because they are more accessible and more convenient. You will be able to find a wider variety of jewelry online, and the prices will be more competitive.


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