The Most Iconic 70s Fashion Shoes!


We all understand a pair of fabulous shoes can complete an outfit, and picking a funky retro fashion is a great way to create a statement. And why not prefer the additionally swinging decade of all? The 70s were a fantastic time for fashion (especially for shoes), loaded with bold statements and comfy vibes. Let’s look at some of the leading footwear trends that genuinely made the 1970s memorable!

19070s Footwear:

Footwear has existed since the birth of time, but it was not enjoyable until the 70s rolled everywhere. The shoes were carried to new peaks with taller heels, more high boots, and platforms. The “go green” tendency even generated its footwear too.

Whereas the new peaks achieved in the 70s, shoes or footwear did not point we ignored the past, as aged trends came back into fashion. Yes, the 1970s were an innovative time for the fashion industry, and footwear is no anomaly. Did you hold an excellent pair of cowboy boots heretofore then?

70s Decade of Anything Goes:

The 70s were a turning moment in American civilization, fashion, and culture. The “Summer of Love” in the 67s was around, but it created a continuing impact. The uptight perspective of social standards was over, and personal independence of expression was honored in schools, academies, living rooms, and actually bedrooms.

Ladies were unrestricted to wear shorter, men also were unrestricted to be fashionable, and everyone was “Unrestricted to live you and me.” The era’s icons like Cher and Elton John stood over-the-top, enchanting, and significantly themselves.

This cracked into day-to-day fashion as nicely. Trends were created to be tested, and new artificial textiles like polyester confirmed the new fashions were within everyone’s funding. For footwear, plastic, velcro, foam, and faux leather were all up for experiment.

70s Earth Fashion Shoes:

These were not many attractive shoes, although they sure were famous! The Kalso Earth Shoe Company named this “negative heel technology” since the Scandinavian imports made the bottoms of the shoes thicker than the heels.

The brand was so famous the company could not maintain up with the market and finished the shoe in the late 1970s. Regardless, the shoes just reemerged and can be seen online. 

70s Platform Shoes:

Regarding shoes fashion in the 70s, its motto seemed to be “the bigger, the better.” Platform shoe fashion raised the shoe match to new peaks with extremely thick soles. 

And do not serve like this footwear were only for women. Men who desired additional height wore these 70s fashion shoes too.

70s Clogs Fashion Shoes:

Another Scandinavian fashion import that gained popularity in the 70s fashion was clogs shoes. Both men and women gave the centuries-old traditional wooden shoe a 70s makeover.

Two Tone Shoes:

People peeking to describe themselves included a new outlet in the 70s: the two-tone shoes. We are not speaking about two distinct fashions of brown leather. We are discussing two bright and brilliant colors paired jointly to attract people’s eyes to your unique pair of kicks.

Vans 70s Fashion Shoes:

Everyone, not only skateboarders, might wear this shoe. In 1966, Californians created the first Vans, which gained popularity in the 1970s. The vibrant designs and sturdy soles of the flat skateboarding sneakers made them stand out.

You almost certainly owned a pair of workout shoes, even if you did not own a pair of Vans. For the first time, wearing sports shoes outside of the gym was allowed.

70s Western Boots:

Street fashion may have carried over the fashion globe in the 70s, but so accomplished a craze from the desert. Cowboy boots finished the western face that numerous people aimed to achieve. With countryside artists like Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton traveling over to mainstream music, everyone desired a smallish piece of countryside living.

Go-go Boots:

The 1960s saw the rise of go-go boots, but the 70s fashion saw the sky-high footwear or shoes indeed become popular. Catalogs offered more useful variations, but they might also be bizarre. Consider wearing platform heels with go-go boots.

Fun Decade, Fun Shoes:

As you can see, having fun and expressing yourself was very important in the 70s fashion. So why not wear some track shoes, put on some platforms, or get on your own set of wheels? Retro shoes from the 70s fashion are sure to add some funk to your life or, at the very least, a smile!


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