Brief Detail Of The 70s Disco Fashion For You


When you talk about 70s disco fashion, the first and immediately images of silverware sequins, big hair fashion, and dramatic cosmetics arrive to mind. The 1970s era was all about incorporating your love of energetic club music into your appearance. Today, many people choose 70s disco attire for their parties or charity events outfits. However, silver disco sequins are also common in several of today’s designs.

Features of 70s Disco Fashion:

Dancing is what gave rise to the disco-era fashion of the 70s. It was all about locating textiles and patterns that shined under the disco lighting in the new dance clubs that everyone was raving about. Polyester and rayon are examples of lightweight textiles that have also gained popularity. For drawing attention to the dance floor, the brighter the material, the better. Clothing codes took off at disco parties in the 70s because of door screening rules, according to The website adds that disco attire was never appropriate for daytime wear but rather a method to participate in the action at night.

Significance of 1970s Fashion:

Women’s fashion from the disco era of the 70s could include tight “hot trousers” and spandex tops. Jumpsuits had a similar tight fit and were frequently made of a shiny fabric that came in various vibrant colors. In the sexiest dance clubs of the disco period, women dress to make a grand appearance. When a jumpsuit was not an option, women frequently wore maxi dresses or tiny skirts. These two things were polar opposites of one another. Typically a few inches above the knee, a micro skirt reveals a woman’s legs, according to A maxi outfit was ankle-length, wholly covered their legs, and typically had a halter on top to highlight their arms.

70s Era-Makeup:

In the 1970s, just like with fashion, makeup was used to draw attention. The 70s disco fashion era makeup was more about heavy eyeliner and tanned skin than in the 1960s. If you want to channel the disco era of the 1970s, choose blue eyeliners and eye shadows because bright hues are once again in demand. The much more dramatic and surprising, the better. Try pastel or hot pink for your lips to go with your dramatic makeup and suntanned appearance.

Considerations of 1970:

Platform shoes gave you the height you needed to strike the legendary dancing postures from films like Saturday Night Fever. Some 70s shoes may have a platform as large as 4 inches. Who could ever forget the shoes with the adorable floating fish in the heels of shoes? Actually, there was a justification behind the 70s disco fashion trend of odd shoes. As according to, the height of the shoes occasionally made them too heavy for ladies. Thus, the soles of the shoes were occasionally hollowed out to make them lighter and less taxing on the dancer. In order to make the shoe more fascinating, some people also thought it would be a good idea to stuff the heel with items like fish.

Hair Styles of 70s:

Perhaps the most well-known hairstyle from the 70s fashion disco era is some ladies’ complete Afro look. This style featured a broad, rounded, short haircut. A classic 1970s appearance for ladies was straight, long, and flowy. With her long hair and feathery bangs, 1970s sex icon Farrah Fawcett influenced fashion. Women aped this style, particularly the thin layer of side feathering. Super-high ponytails were a vital component of the disco dance era’s energetic and fit aesthetic.

70s Flower Power Fashion: 

Although the hippy revolution may have begun in the 1960s, but by the 70s, flower power was in complete swing. Numerous teens who sought to reject the mainstream disco styles and revert to the nostalgic flower power style of the previous decade wore groovy outfits based on embroidered flowers and brilliant colors, promoting peace and love as a badge of identity.

70s Disco Fashion Mood Rings:

One of the 1970s’ biggest trends in costume jewelry was mood rings. These color-changing rings were in high demand among women of all ages, though mostly teenagers. These rings were a must-have accessory for any fashion enthusiast since they could tell whether you were pleased, sad, angry, or pretty much any other emotion. Although mood rings may not have accurately predicted your mood, they sure caused a stir in the 70s.


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