How to Wear a Pocket Watch, Look Smart in 2023


Most people do not wear pocket watches very frequently, so chances are you do not either. However, a pocket watch is a fantastic choice if you are searching for a distinctive and original fashion piece with a vintage touch. Many people consider pocket watches to be outdated and unfashionable accessories. Here is some direction on how to wear a pocket watch that can make it look more modern and stylish, and look smart in 2023:

How To Wear A Pocket Watch:

A pocket watch is traditionally worn in your waistcoat pocket at the end of a chain (also known as a fob). The middle buttonholes should be used as entry points for the fob, which should then end up in a pocket on the opposite side that is secured by something else, like a cigar cutter. 

Wear it on your belt. This is how a pocket watch is often worn and looks terrific. It can link to a belt loop or wrap around your waist.

Try wearing them as cufflinks. Wear your pocket watch as a cufflink if you feel uncomfortable wearing a belt around your waist. It only needs to fit through the opening in your cuff for you to be ready to go.

Wear a pocket watch around your neck. Try wearing your pocket watch as a necklace instead of a belt or cufflink if you feel uncomfortable doing so. You only need to wrap it around your neck to be ready to go.

You can securely fasten your watch to your garment using other sorts of pocket watch chains, though.

Types of Pocket Watch Chains:

Belt Bar:

Given the name, it should be obvious where a belt loop connects. It easily slides over the belt or the top of the pants to allow you to safely put your watch into your pocket for a timeless appearance.

The T-Bar Chains:

The traditional Albert T-Bar looks best when worn with a jacket or waistcoat. The pocket watch can be attached to one end of the bar and stored on the other end in the breast or side pockets, thanks to the buttonhole holding the bar in place.

Bolt Ring:

Bolt ring chains attach to the trouser belt loop and hold the watch in your pockets in a manner similar to the traditional belt loop. They can, however, also be fastened to your waistcoat’s buttonhole.

How to Wear Pocket Watch in Today’s Fashions:

You will likely want to experiment with various materials and styles if you are trying to incorporate a pocket watch into 21st-century fashion. We are considering how to match the unique timepiece you will wear, a pocket watch with jeans, vests, and various eccentric accessories.

How to Style a Pocket Watch Casually:

Despite the common misconception, that pocket watches are exclusively appropriate for formal attire, more and more fashionable gentlemen are incorporating them into their everyday wardrobes. A pocket watch adds an instant air of sophistication to a smart-casual ensemble. So, how can you wear casual with a pocket watch?

How to Wear a Pocket Watch Plus Jeans:

We are aware that wearing jeans and a pocket watch is not a typical outfit pairing. However, the appropriate styling can actually make jeans and a pocket watch seem incredible.

If you are wearing a pocket watch, we advise choosing very dark blue, black, or grey pants. Light or stonewashed Jeans have an ultra-casual vibe that contrasts slightly with the pocket watch accouterment. Similar to this, we advise choosing a wiser slim or straight fit jeans than a baggy or loose variety. The ideal “smart casual” outfit consists of your jeans paired with a shirt or blazer jacket to complete the look.

Simply choose a belt loop pocket watch chain and put your pocket watch into your jean pocket to attach it to your clothing.

Pocket Watch Without Waistcoat:

Despite popular belief, you do not always need to wear a waistcoat or a crisp suit jacket to include a pocket watch in your outfit. We are happy to inform you that it is definitely possible to put a pocket watch into a more laid-back ensemble.

The simplest method to combine a pocket watch into your outfit without a waistcoat is to wear a shirt. Why not try wearing a sharp white shirt with chinos that are a bit looser and loafers? For a casual appearance that exudes refinement, your pocket watch can store in your trouser pocket after being fastened to either your shirt buttonhole or your belt loop.

For Wedding or Formal Occasions:

One of the occasions where men are most likely to go for their pocket watches is a wedding. Pocket watches, available in both gold and silver, instantly add a sense of sophistication to a formal outfit, making them a perfect option to elevate your wedding outfit. A pocket watch for a wedding will impact whether you are the groom, a groomsman, or just a handsome guest.

With a Waistcoat or Vest:

The oldest method uses a T-bar or bolt chain in the Albert or single fashion. In contrast to a century ago, when vests and waistcoats had a distinct watch hole just for this usage, you will need to utilize one of the current buttonholes instead:

The chain should be fastened before you button up. After then, put the watch in the nearby pocket. Make sure the chain is still visible because these items are frequently displayed.

Pocket Watch With a Suit, Jacket, or Blazer:

Put your pocket watch in your breast pocket and fasten one end of the chain to the lapel buttonhole if you wish to wear it with a suit jacket or blazer. This is a clever technique to spice up your outfit without wearing a lapel pin and pocket square altogether. And a lovely appearance for any wedding or formal occasion.

Another method to wear a pocket watch with a blazer is to put it in one of your front pockets and thread a T-bar through a buttonhole on the front. We advise keeping it in the pocket across from your strong hand.

T-Bar and Bolt Ring chains pocket watch is best to wear with a suit, jacket, or blazer.

As a Necklace, a Pocket Watch:

The name “pocket watch” defines where the gadget is typically kept. However, it does not stop you from defying convention and wearing it around your neck.

Remove the watch chain from your pocket watch and swap it out with a leather cord or metal necklace chain to wear as a necklace.

Keep the chain’s breadth in mind; you want it to be sturdy enough to hold the watch and the same color as your watch. Choose a necklace chain between 4 and 8 millimeters in width for the majority of men’s pocket watches because stainless steel is a fantastic choice.


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