Low Budget Modern 3 Bedroom House Design Ideas


Have you considered looking for a low-budget modern 3-bedroom house design so you may build your ideal home from the ground up? Simple but modern, low-budget, and stylish! Yes, it may appear to be a more difficult job, but do not worry; awsmagazine.com are here to assist you! Continue reading for more information about this.

Low Budget Modern 3 Bedroom House Design:

You have come to the right place if you have been looking for a straightforward, low-budget, modern 3-bedroom house design. Of course, there are many alternatives on the internet, but in this post, we looked at some of the hottest design trends, and that’s not all!
To learn about the additional section below that lists the advantages and disadvantages of each design, keep reading!

Simple and Elegant Modern 3-Bedroom House:

If you are looking for an elegant, simple, modern 3-bedroom house design on a low budget. Then a modern one-story home design with three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a garage big enough for a basic family car. This little home occupies a space of 162 square meters. On 300 square meters of land, you can construct this. A large living area, spanning 5.4 m by 4.0 m, is accessible from the main door and is perfect for hosting guests. The master bedroom is on the left side of the house and has a private bathroom, which is unusual for a large residence.

The master bedroom takes up 18 square meters of the 16 square meters of the overall house plan and is medium in size, as larger homes have enormous ones. You can experiment with where your bed is placed to make the most of the middle space. On the plan, the remaining two bedrooms measure 3.8 x 4 m and 4 x 4 m, respectively. In order to make the most of the small space, the kitchen and dining room are merged. Additionally, there is a relaxing lanai area that can access from the dining room.

Advantages of Simple and Elegant House Design:

  • Looks simple, minimalist, and elegant.
  • From a design standpoint, modern and distinctive.
  • Reduced construction costs
  • Additional room for your family.
  • Maintenance is easier

Disadvantages of Simple and Elegant House Design:

  • A lack of space
  • Less privacy
  • A small number of bathrooms
  • No view

Single-Detached House Design with 3-Bedroom:

Creating a modern, 3-bedroom house design on a low budget worldwide is not simple. After all, building materials are expensive, and where will you find inexpensive land? However, one must proceed with their house layout, and a single detached floor plan might accommodate your financial constraints. You need to work with 2 meters on either side, 2 meters in the back, and 3 meters up front for this to function. The house must be able to fit into a lot with a minimum width of 13 meters for the proposed layout to be realized.

This 3-bedroom home is 73 square meters in size and has an open living and dining area. The placement of the kitchen, which has an L-shaped counter and hanging cupboards to the left of the dining area, is another intriguing aspect of the design. 

Advantages of Single-Detached House Design:

  • A nice yard is available to you.
  • Freedom to act as one pleases as a homeowner.
  • For your family, more space

Disadvantages of Single-Detached House Design:

  • Are you responsible for maintenance?
  • A lot of space.
  • It increased workday commutes.

3-bedroom Modern Two-Storey House Design:

In order to house 3-bedrooms in a two-story home, you will need between 1950 and 2000 square feet of space. Consider this. A charming two-story building, 3-roomy bedrooms, a contemporary garage with space for two cars, and 3-contemporary bathrooms sound like the ideal mix for any modern family in 2023.

If this appeals to you greatly, you can enhance the design even further by including details such as the sizes of the doors and windows, floor layouts, and all electrical functioning data.

Advantages of Modern Two-Storey House Design:

  • More space for your family and you.
  • Ideal for families with children.
  • Cheaper than purchasing a home of a similar size.

Disadvantages of Modern Two-Storey House Design:

  • For many people, taking the stairs every day might not be a viable choice.
  • Compared to one-story buildings, this one will take longer to construct.

Design for a 3-Bedroom Duplex House:

One of the finest ways to utilize your space to the fullest is with a modern 3-bedroom duplex house design on a low budget. It is also one of the most popular maisonette designs available. It has the same reduced building and maintenance expenses as a single-story home. If you choose this home, you will have plenty of rooms and additional space for your family. 

Each of the 3-bedroom flats has more living area than you might anticipate from a three-bedroom house, as you can see from the design.

The double thickness of the shared walls between the two housing units is good for seclusion. Three bedrooms and two more baths can find in the upper and lower sections. The master bedroom also features a large window that lets in a lot of natural light and a private bathroom. Another great modification to the duplex house design is the placement of the garage sections close to one another.

Advantages of Duplex Modern House Design:

  • There is a lot of space for your family and you.
  • The architectural framework is cutting-edge and modern, which will still be a good idea in 2023.
  • The design is adaptable and provides room for future additions.

Disadvantages of Duplex Modern House Design:

  • Not quite cheap compared to the above.
  • It also takes a lot of time.

Trendy Bungalow:

Maybe your ideal home does not look like those contemporary two-story buildings. Your ideal home might resemble a one-story bungalow with 3-bedroom and two bathrooms that are all situated on the same floor. But this contemporary home design gives you more than that. This is not over yet!

With this type of bonus room/loft on the side, you could simply add another bathroom and bedroom because the design is so adaptable. This charming house also has a charming front porch and a two-car garage. So, if you have been looking for a low-budget, modern, 3-bedroom house design, this is absolutely perfect for you!

Advantages of Modern Bungalow House Design:

  • For any type of family, a one-story building is ideal.
  • Considering that it is just one floor to construct, relatively less time-consuming.
  • Appears charming and beautiful.

Disadvantages of Modern Bungalow House Design:

  • Not ideal for families wanting a large living space.
  • Although its design is modern, nothing about it is innovative or particularly original.

Design of a Modern Ranch House:

Given that both are single-floor designs, the ranch home and bungalow styles are quite comparable. However, the ranch design is distinct and special in its own right from the bungalow design due to its low pitch and elongated roof.

This is the ideal house design for you if you have been seeking a low-budget, modern, 3-bedroom house worldwide. The only drawback is that there is not enough room for a garage, but you could still build one with this design!

Advantages of Low-Budget Modern Ranch House Design:

  • For every type of family, a one-story building is ideal.
    appears charming and beautiful.
  • Considering that it is just one floor to construct, relatively less time-consuming.

Disadvantages of Low-Budget Modern Ranch House Design:

  • Does not have a garage.
  • Not a terrific choice for families looking for a big living space.

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