Types of Head Jewelry For Wedding


You should know the different types of head jewelry if you plan to wear it at your wedding ceremony. These include Jhoomars, vine earrings, flower crowns, and bridal hair combs. In addition to this, there are various other headband design alternatives.

In India, there are various types of wedding head jewelry. A Jhoomar, also known as a Passa typically, is worn by brides on the left side of their head. Although Muslim brides use it, the crescent-shaped jewels are the most commonly utilized by Punjabi brides.

Hair Combs for Brides:

Wedding head and hair combs are available in a variety of designs, colors, and precious metals so that you may match them with the rest of your bridal jewelry. Additionally, you can select from several sizes so that you can wear a big statement comb or a smaller one with your wedding veil.

To balance out their looks, some brides prefer to wear a pair of two. Some bridal hair accessories include Austrian crystals or pearls as embellishments. For an even more special look, you can even have them manufactured to order. It would help if you got in touch with a designer in this situation for more information.

Jhoomar Head Wedding Jewelry:

The Jhoomar is a wedding-day ornament worn by brides. These jewelry items are constructed of jewels, pearls, rubies, and emeralds. Diamonds are inlaid into these pieces, which are often formed into a crescent-shaped panel. The crescent’s lower edge is adorned with loosely dangling pearls, which enhance the accessory’s charm. A gold hook set into the bride’s left side of the head is used to secure the Jhoomar on her head. The bride’s left temple and an eyebrow are touched by it.

Jhoomars for weddings is a reasonably priced item to buy. They are widely available online. You can purchase one with little pearls to save money. in this manner.

Jadau Wedding Head Jewelry:

The wedding jadau head jewelry is adorned with gems to give your head a traditional look. In the wedding culture, this kind of head jewelry enjoys high regard. It is a style of art where valuable stones are set into gold. This process necessitates several processes and a knowledgeable group of craftspeople. The whole thing might take a day or longer.

Making sure the head jewelry is made of high-quality materials is the first step in buying it for a wedding. The jadau head jewelry will be less likely to be damaged while washing if the metal is of high quality. Jadau head jewelry of high quality will last you for many years.

Starfish Jewelry:

For a beach wedding, a gorgeous starfish headpiece is a timeless option. Your seaside wedding will have a nautical flavor thanks to a lovely starfish headband with many different designs to pick from. Some are constructed by hand from plastic, while others are produced from polymer clay. Andreia Ferreira, a jeweler who made these distinctive designs for Rustic Chic Paper Studio, is the creator of these works of art.

Another choice for a seaside wedding is stunning rhinestone starfish headpins. This jewelry piece will enchant your fiance and complete the coastal beach wedding motif. This lovely headpiece will offer a distinctive final touch to your beach wedding, whether you opt for a long or an updo. Even your flower girls can sport these additions to make their day more remarkable.

Jadanagam Head Jewelry:

The bride’s wedding hairstyle looks stunning when accessorized with jadanagam head jewelry. The headpiece is intricately crafted from gold and lovely diamonds. The pieces have various pattern designs and are frequently set with rubies and diamonds. Hair clips are typically used to secure them to the hair braid.

Tiaras Headpiece:

Since the beginning of time, tiaras have been prevalent in wedding ceremonies. In the early Greek tradition, women wore gold-colored wreaths to show gratitude for their wedding. In the middle ages, Tiaras were embellished with Christian and Gothic icons. Nowadays, many brides opt to wear tiaras at their weddings as a piece of head jewelry.

Jadanagam with Rhinestones:

In South India, jadanagam is a type of head wedding jewelry that comes in numerous distinct styles. These patterns include the moon and sun, as well as flowers, buds, and other gems. Some are constructed with rubies and diamonds. Another common motif is a crescent moon, which represents serenity. A Kunjam component in the shape of a flower is a third choice.

Bridal Head Chains Jewelry for Wedding:

The newest style in wedding hair jewelry is bridal head chains, which are also one of the most popular brides’ accessories. These chains frequently have a pearl or gemstone drop accent and hang around the bride’s head. This bohemian-chic trend is perfect for brides who wish to stand out from the crowd on their wedding day and are unique.

Vine Earrings Jewelry:

Vine earrings are a lovely way to dress up your wedding day with some head jewelry. They are a classy and simple option that the bride, bridesmaids, and guests will love. They are also fantastic for any other event, such as a Christmas party, prom, or a laid-back workday.

Consider a set of boho vine wedding earrings if you plan a bohemian wedding. With your hair tied back, this lightweight, adaptable style looks best. The Briana headpiece, which includes seed beads, freshwater pearls, silver-plated wiring, and cubic zirconia crystals, is another well-liked vine head jewelry alternative. This pair has a 1-inch extender and is also detachable.


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